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Yesterday I had four migraines. FOUR. I woke up with one, which is normal enough, got another mid-morning and had to give up on learning about Fuchsias, another in the afternoon which made it impossible to do much more than play Family Farm on Facebook (and whine at people), and another in the evening, conveniently only half an hour before my usual start-going-to-bed time. Yesterday was very weird indeed, the parts I can actually remember. I feel as though I've been on a massive drug bender or something. I think the weather has been getting to me.

Pictures of alpacas are always appreciated.
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Woken up at my usual early time of around tennish (this is when I wake up if I go to bed at around tennish). I feel distinctly post-dromal, which is to say like an owl in the morning if said owl has flown face-first into a car window. Spice hasn't been impressed, since she usually eats at 7am, but all this *actually* means is that for once she's eaten all the food I put out at 10pm.

Now I am sitting downstairs with a cup of coffee and a glass of chocolate milk. LIFE IS SO HARD!!

What I'd really like to get done today is to change my bedding or do some laundry, but it depends on how my head is.

Pol's on his way back home, having found the new contract impossible to fulfil. It's a good thing he hasn't signed it, really.
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Today was moderately productive. I didn't actually get dressed, but I did have a shower and change into clean pyjamas. I've been very drowsy with pre-migraine all day and crawling into bed to have a short nap at odd moments.

I spent tonight as well playing guitar hero with Random. I had to give up because tinnitus was stopping me hearing when I missed, and then castellation covered the bottom of the television screen so I couldn't see when I missed either. The pain is just hitting now. But until then I was having lots and lots of fun.

A sweet-looking cat needing a home has just popped up in our monkeysphere, and with a certain inevitability, we're going along tomorrow evening to have a look at her. Just a look. If it turns out that we can't be around her without making her all soggy with tears, then we'll have to withdraw. We're just looking. We haven't accepted or anything.
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Moth looooooooooves me. She also has a bit of a chicken problem. If she sees that there's chicken in the fridge, she'll come and seek me out to say OH HAI THUR, DIDJA KNOW THERE'S CHIKKIN AND IT IS IN THE FRIJ AND NOT IN MAI BOWL?? or something similar. This would be adorable, but it's less sweet if you're trying to sleep off a migraine and standing on your head going MY CHIKKEN, LET YOU SHOW ME IT. Any worries I had about her eyesight have dissipated. She can see roast chicken from an unusual angle at ten yards, that's good enough for me.

Today has been a fairly good day. )

In other words, while I am not a well bunny, I'm better today than in a long while, overall things are improving and I am in a really good mood. Also, I have sweets. Yay!

On a slightly random note, if you want to donate for the Pakistan Floods Appeal, the website is here or you can pick out your individual charity (Oxfam, Red Cross or even go to the Post Office.
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After feeling increasingly crappy and migrainous over the last few days, I solved the problem last night by taking a measured dose of every single sort of painkiller I could find, including my 'emergencies only' codeine phosphate and the really-not-good-for-me aspirin.

Ye *gods*, I feel better today. I am about to go out and return a very overdue library book, and then, who knows? I have energy again and I can think straight and *everything* - and my mood has improved immensely.

What I don't feel is any urge to take moar drugs. Although I am considering Tramadoling up tonight as well, just to make sure things stay okay.
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I do not have enough spoons for everything I want to do, and this sometimes gets my goat. I am actually happy, because I am getting annoyed at not being able to do things, rather than feeling worthless and useless because I failed at my plans. I want to be able to rant about a bad day the way techies rant about clueless users. Migraines are arseholes. Today's crept in enough to make me feel too out of it to really get going when shops were open, then sauntered off at the stroke of 4pm. The swine. Then it came back at about 6ish when it looked as though I might be going out to socialise, and dragged me off to my room and quiet and no-people. Again.

Cereta's post On Rape And Men got to 4019 comments at last glance, which is astounding. I have to load it in IE if I want to read it, because otherwise ff (with auto-expand widget) runs out of memory and falls over. Mentioning it led to #afpers asking me to link to it, and then discussion on the contents and those discussions were fairly good, I thought. And yes, yes, I do always link to discussions five weeks after everyone else. It takes me that long to think things through.

I was introduced to Wanda Sykes today and I mention this so I will remember to go and watch more. So the link is to a search page and not to teh funny directly.


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