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It's probably obvious from my lack of writing that I've not been that well a bunny over the darkest part of the winter. My routines didn't quite fall apart, but, by the time evening rolled around, I was always far too tired to write anything beyond the occasional quick comment to a post. Anything requiring deep thought was out.

I've finished my Making Sense of the Arts course, that's all been handed in and is done with forever. I am so very pleased. It's not that I didn't enjoy the work, but I found doing a course with deadlines quite stressful. So, naturally, I want to do another course. I took some days off but already I am back to my morning routine of getting breakfast and sitting down with some books. Currently, it's hieroglyphs. Because I like hieroglyphs and I've been studying from this same book for ten years now and would like to actually one day finish the thing.

On Saturday, Random took me to Oswaldtwistle Mills, where they sell fabric remnants and clogs, cushion covers and fabric, duvet covers and beer, carpet and meerkat statuettes. There is also, close by, a carpet showroom which smells (so I'm told) like the palm house at Kew, and a papercraft shop which has a man-crèche with (so I'm told) good coffee and Sky Sports. It's only Tuesday, and already I am pretty much recovered from the visit.
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Not an awful lot, to be honest. I got very poorly on Monday and ended up in A&E with a 'you're fine, but you weren't wasting our time' combination of D&V and abdominal pain. It turned out I'd just hurt muscles in my abdomen and back with being sick. I can recommend the workout, I lost six pounds in a day and gosh, am I toned down thee. On the other hand, without very strong anti-emetics, it would have been an emergency eventually, and they gave me another strong dose on top of the emergency double-dose from a GP before they would let me go, so I was really quite poorly. Perhaps another plan would be better then. I have gone right off wasabi beans, probably for good.

Tuesday was mostly recovering, followed by a tooth clean and even some shopping, coming back in the most severe blat I've walked home in since a teenager. I got soaked, and I am usually a bit of a Granny Weatherwax for staying merely damp in rain. I read that some London Underground stations got flooded in the same rain, but I don't know about locally.

I cooked! Yes, yet again the day was All About Me. Today has been housework, given that I did not awaken until 5am, television, cuddling with Pol and a short bout of hieroglyphs. I am actually inclined to go to sleep soon.


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