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Chris (Cwol) is coming round to visit any minute now, so I've been preparing things for his visit. Accordingly, there are freshly roasted coffee beans I did last night, and bread is baking even as I type. The plan is to have a steak sandwich at around midday.

I've rearranged my bedsit so two of us can sit at the table, and I have to say I like this arrangement a lot better. My easy chair is stuck in the corner. I'll see how it actually works in practice for day-to-day living, but for having someone over it's much more pleasant and open.

I've even hoovered. It's exactly as much faff as I remember, even with the tiny Tescos hoover that's so easy to move around. Now I know why I don't do it very often. I have to admit, it does make a real difference but I can't exactly see it being a weekly event. Anyway, it's done and I am pleased with the results.

My to-do list for today:

Post a letter
Buy steak
Make coffee
Drink coffee
Make a steak sandwich
Eat a steak sandwich.

The letterbox is right next to the butcher's, and the butcher is about eighty yards away, just to give some perspective.
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I've got a dress muslin (rough version in scrap fabric to check the fit) which I have been spectacularly failing to post this week. Tomorrow looks good for it.

I could, if I'd brought it, have posted it on my way to meet cwol. We went to Brown Betty's - it's a place which began, twenty-eight years ago, selling bagels with many fillings. The fillings have changed and the bagels are now chiabatta, but the place is otherwise exactly the same.

Cwol and I chatted about the horse meat scandal. A person on the same bench was eavesdropping subtly enough until some chance remark made them snort egg through their nose. They then showed us two adverts in the Sun today: one double-page spread from Tescos saying 'we're really sorry, we'll change', more or less. And straight over the next page, one from Asda saying 'We've always only sold British beef.' It didn't quite say 'so there'. I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, cwol had bologneighs.

I want to keep doing this meeting up. It's really nice and usually very funny. Funnier still if we can make other people choke on their breakfast.

I found something Pol might like: it's a quarter-pounder making kit with recipes. I have no idea what's even in the box.

Skyrim is ace. Except the bit where I had to kill the bandits in Varnheim Keep, and then got another quest from the Companions to kill the bandit chief in Varnheim Keep, only I'd already killed him. So, I got stuck with that quest permanently on and couldn't select other quests, or ever finish this one. At least I know to look out for that one now.

There's no moral dimension to the game - no Karma effect. So far. That I know of. So Character Two steals anything and everything that isn't nailed down. Hot diggity, people keep lockpicks in their pockets!

Also, when the starting NPC says 'we should split up', ignore them and follow them as long as you can. Otherwise you miss out on some nifty things.


Busy day.

Jan. 17th, 2011 03:41 pm
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I went over to Nottingham at the weekend and saw my family, in stages, then Cwol. I came back to find a book I'd meant to give Cwol, sitting there looking at me. I might ask Pol nicely to take it with him when he drops off my sibling's books. It wasn't the best of visits: everyone was tired and I had the most thumping headache all day, I think because of the extremely wet weather.

Today has been bright and fine, and I've been able to do loads. I tidied the sitting room up. When it's tidy, I want to spend time there, and if I am sitting downstairs, then all the housework tends to get done in the ad breaks. I also cleaned the kitchen, folded Pol's laundry, sorted out the blue sofa as much as it can be sorted out and planted out bulbs. I need more compost.

Now I am upstairs. I discovered Moth still sitting quietly alert in exactly the same place I left her hours before. Even with the strong painkillers, she's clearly reluctant to move much. She's also having trouble scratching herself and walking around on the duvet - her claws catch in the fabric as if she can't quite keep them retracted any more. I put her on the bed and spent a while scratching her head, which made her very happy. She just wandered off for a while and limped painfully back for more head-scratching. I suppose that's me here for the interim then.
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Keeping accountable (There is no part of me that does not bear) )


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