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Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:02 am
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The solstice was yesterday. I woke up feeling very bleh and not remotely celebratory. I had a duck to roast (actually, two) but not much to go with it and I wasn't sure I could be bothered to go out into the cold and snow to get more.

So Pol took me and Radnom to Bolton Market, where we all picked delicious noms for the next three days or so. Then Pol asked if he should/could invite people over, and I said yes, as long as he was prepared to do the host thing.

After that, I got cooking the duck, pausing now and then to attend to my bonfire-in-a-pot outside. Pol led the solstice service, despite being irreligious, because he'd just been to a celebration and could remember how the toasts worked. I toasted the sun, and Pol toasted the sun, and Random toasted the sun. The pot looked pretty good - a black iron cauldron on a white snowy wall, carrying warm yellow flames into the cold blue dusk, spreading wood smoke and sweet fumes of burnt mead and rosemary.

So I had a big roast duck dinner, with Random, then a buffet with Simon and ChrisC, Random, Pol and ppx. I hadn't met ppx before. She turned out to be lovely, although I think slightly overwhelmed.

I went with Pol to drop ppx off after the evening and defrosted in a hot bath before going to sleep at about 2am. I have woken up hungover but happy.

Thank you, Pol, Random, Simon, ChrisC and ppx for making winter solstice 2009 a special day.
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The clinic that oversees my migraine treatment, the City of London Migraine Clinic is in deep financial trouble. They undercharge for their services (their suggested donation is too low to cover costs) so they're begging for enough funds to carry on. They were the main push that got me into the pain clinic and thus a reason behind my being remarkably sane for someone who gets anywhere from one to three full-blown migraines every day. I am short of funds, having splurged on going to London to see a play with ruthi, but I will scrape together what I can.

I like living within sight of a farm. I can see the farming year going by, even if I need binoculars for most of it, and even with binoculars I am not really impinging on privacy since people are still little stick figures. The sheep wander from field to field. Today there was a yellow digger. I've no idea what the farm is called, but I like it being there.

There was a comedy thingy on Radio Four, which I missed most of, but it ended up with a nasty slap in the face for me. A joke that had a punchline including the words 'you stupid cow'. Well, thanks for that, Radio Four. Women have traditionally been seen as being stupid, and this was a reminder that we're often still seen that way, in jokes and sketch shows. It's only three words, but there's so much history behind those three words, they really hurt. The song before that sounded like it may have been advocating violence against men, which I am not keen either.

Moth's tending to not sleep through the night so much and be more keen on sleeping through the day. It makes it awkward to give her medicine. When I was getting up every dawn, medicating her was easy. Perhaps I should start setting a wake-up alarm again.

Trout, fennel, lemon zest (not juice), carrots and almonds go together really, really, really well.

If you're going to claim not to be a troll, why randomly put in a gender slur and then hang a lantern on it? There's also been someone kicked from a community I am in, for being a leeeeedle too racist-trollish, so I went to their LJ to check them out, and urgh. There were some very not nice racist things in their journal. I am so glad to see them gone. They'd jumped into the conversation and were replying to *everything* anyone said on cultural appropriation, doing everything on the Derailing for Dummies website, from raising other subjects, to 'whites have it bad too'. Someone else pulled a 'this discussion is too academic' and 'we need to be colour blind'. It was like all of RaceFail 09 in one post.


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