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I've got a morning routine in place again. On bad days, I get as much done as I can, and on good days I do all of it. The first thing is putting yesterday's clean pots away, the next thing *currently* is putting yesterday's dirty pots into soak in hot soapy water, as our dishwasher is broken. Then I wipe the kitchen sides and unlock the back door. I empty any bins that need emptying, and sort out the cat tray. I check my seeds in the greenhouse. After that, I feed the birds, then the cats - so the birds get a time to eat while the cats are preoccupied. Meanwhile, I finish the pots, then get myself breakfast. I'll usually then remember to water the plants in the conservatory, although I should be doing those at the same time as I'm checking my other plants.

Today, I also posted a letter to my sibling and nibling, and a parcel to a friend. I love having the post office in easy walking distance, without any busy roads to cross. I can't even see very well today, and I didn't notice until I had to put the parcel on the scales and couldn't at all see where they were until they'd been pointed at. What also makes a nice change from Horwich, is that the children round here don't just randomly spout verbal abuse at adults in passing. It's like a huge weight lifted to have that constant, casual abuse gone.

If I'm going to keep being outside in cold weather, perhaps I should get my head shaved again. It's a real nuisance to get it washed, and I can't get to a hairdresser to get it styled, which it now needs.

I have windows open, airing my room through. Spice loves it when the bathroom window is open, as she can perch on the sill and watch all the little birdies. She caught a sparrow once, and seemed utterly disappointed in the taste, so her eagerness to get after birds in general has faded a lot. She'll watch them, but makes no effort to get outside to get them. I'm glad, as we have an entire flock of long-tailed tits that visit the garden most of the day, and I'd hate either cat to get them. Hatter's more eager, but he's also piebald and easy to see, while Spice is cryptically coloured. Neither like to be outside much or for long during the day, thank goodness.

I like living here.
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I am swanning around the new house like a lady of leisure. Well, right now I'm sat down after breakfast (New York cheesecake), watching a robin check out the offerings on the bird table. Somewhere around here is an entire flock of around a dozen long-tailed tits. As the weather hardens, I will no doubt learn what else lives close by.

Spice carved up my face yesterday morning - she knocked over a heavy picture frame, which I think fell on her, then she catapulted across the bed to hide, and unfortunately my face was part of the 'floor' for that route. So now I have a 2cm vertical cut in the middle of my forehead, like a bindi that's been placed too high. Being a head wound, I had a dramatically bloody face to present to Kira and Random over breakfast. Kira, with her face quite scratched from the motorcycle accident, out-did me. Her scratches go over her cheek and around one eye, which is black and purple. She won't let any of us augment this new decoration with Ziggy Stardust style face make-up.

Random is out, running between Bolton Royal Hospital and Sale - this is beginning to become something of a daily commute. Pol is out with his new, very Executive job in London. The new house is of a style to match with his new job, even though it's actually cheaper than the cramped, new-build terraced house we were in before. This house was built in the early 1980s and reminds me of the various detached suburban houses from episodes of The Professionals television series. The sweetest part of the house, at least as far as Random is concerned, is the working chiminea - I have sausages so that we can barbecue. There are also a lot of overgrown and sadly dead bushes in the garden, so we won't be short of fuel.
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I'm living in a mostly empty house at the moment, and for the next few days. This room is simply furnished but still has bed, shelf and television. And all my PC games and DVDs. Upstairs has the cat tray, a scratching post and a drying rack full of clean clothes. Downstairs has the sofa and fishtank, a tiny coffee table and more folding chairs. The kitchen is more or less a full working kitchen, just rather emptier than usual. Because there's so little Stuff there, it's all very tidy and very clean.

Today, I have very little I have to do. I've got to go out with Random this evening and get more catfood, cat litter, some sugar soap and some gaffer tape. I've already done everything I wanted to do today - the cupboards are now all scrubbed, except the last couple where I have glasses, plates, tea and mugs.

So, I can spend the day doing whatever I want. This weekend will be a *very* different story, but today? Today is for relaxing. And instead of finally playing all my computer games, or learning Spanish, or watching all those films I meant to watch one day, I am longing, *longing* to be at the new house, sorting it out. I think our landlord's 'surprise!' house viewing has put me on edge.

Spice provided amusement for me at lunchtime by grabbing, running off with, growling and even hissing over a large chunk of sharon fruit.
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Today wasn't bad. I had planned to just immerse myself in computer games, but my wrists are sore, so I've ended up going back to my favourite brain candy, Georgette Heyer. I've spent the day downstairs for once, instead of being in my room. Being downstairs gets a lot done. I did Pol's laundry, then finally got to put the hall rugs into wash, then washed them again in the vain hope that more muck will come out this time. They're now drying. JG came and cleaned and we talked a lot about C, her dog who passed six months or so ago, S, her new dog, and, naturally, Moth. I got a lot out of the visit. I also emptied the dishwasher and cooked myself something to eat.

I had a bath, straightened my room out, had a nap and I've just come upstairs after playing Guitar Hero with Random. I left her merrily playing away, having been be-migrained out of continuing, but I really enjoyed it and I am hoping we can do it again tomorrow.

Pol's away doing work-related stuff and I am missing him rather more than I usually would.
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To one who seemed the prisoner of the court.) )
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I'm currently upstairs, post hot bath and wishing I had a coffee. The kettle is two floors below. The hot bath was lovely, but the plain white bath mats are so dirty they are brown, and, as I discovered to my horror, sticky. The cleaner does the bath, but she doesn't wash the bath mats and I've just discovered, neither do Pol nor Random. I'm having a shower as soon as I can move again - my own bathroom is nice and clean.

I had some pretty papers Random took me to get, and Pol's photos of his Tokyo trip. I've combined these to make a collage, which is now on the spare room wall. (Pol's just returned home and likes the effect very much.) The Pratchett books are now mostly down in that room as well, so we can all get to them without anyone having to come into my room to get them. The combined effect should make the spare room a pleasant place for visitors, and this is in good time for Carol and/or my mum to visit, so they can feel welcome and at home in there, even though it is seriously poky.

I tried to bleach the spare room curtain. It proved to be impervious. It's hanging on the line outside while I try to decide what to do with it.

I feel quite proud of this. The effort has utterly wiped me out for the day, and I have done literally nothing else (I should eat, and will when I can reliably stand long enough and I've washed my feet.). My work today has made a lasting difference to one of the rooms in the house and I feel very proud of that. If nothing else, it means the spare room is now a nice place to just go and sit and hang out.

I haven't even had a bad migraine yet today.
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Wild flames of jealousy swept through his heart. )
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'What idiocy is this? What selfish pride? )
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(Far more than any other man would do!). )
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They stripped the villain, flayed him, stopped his breath. )
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Moth looooooooooves me. She also has a bit of a chicken problem. If she sees that there's chicken in the fridge, she'll come and seek me out to say OH HAI THUR, DIDJA KNOW THERE'S CHIKKIN AND IT IS IN THE FRIJ AND NOT IN MAI BOWL?? or something similar. This would be adorable, but it's less sweet if you're trying to sleep off a migraine and standing on your head going MY CHIKKEN, LET YOU SHOW ME IT. Any worries I had about her eyesight have dissipated. She can see roast chicken from an unusual angle at ten yards, that's good enough for me.

Today has been a fairly good day. )

In other words, while I am not a well bunny, I'm better today than in a long while, overall things are improving and I am in a really good mood. Also, I have sweets. Yay!

On a slightly random note, if you want to donate for the Pakistan Floods Appeal, the website is here or you can pick out your individual charity (Oxfam, Red Cross or even go to the Post Office.
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I slept in very late, only waking up, finally, at 2:30pm. I've decided I need to go back to a proper daily routine. I knew I was going to anyway, at least before December, but now seems like a good time. If nothing else, it'll mean I take more migraine-prevention pills and on a better schedule.

I managed to sleep through a Tescos food delivery and the arrival of a book from Amazon. Random and Pol are both home and sorted it out for me. I woke up to find a package outside my door and my food in the fridge. Bless!

Today is a little better. I managed to clean half the kitchen. I didn't get around to putting pots in the dishwasher, having run out of steam before then. I'll put my laundry away and sort out a load to put on first thing tomorrow.

There's this lovely, lovely book on owls I read once in the library, owls of the world. I just ordered the new edition, because *every time* the subject of owls comes up, I remember that book and wish I could see it again. So now, I'm going to own it, purely as eye candy. I hope there's a shelf it will fit onto.
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So, I came home after two weeks. The house is a shit hole; the kitchen bins are both full and there's rubbish on the kitchen sides. The dishwasher is full, but the pots in it are dirty. There is another load of dirty pots on the side. The fridge is packed full, including out of date food. There are no clean small plates. The whole place looks neglected, like it's all being left for someone else to deal with and that someone else hasn't been there yet.

Most of the problem seems to be down to two single jobs not being done, both of which are very, very simple: emptying the kitchen bins when they are full and replacing the bags, which takes one minute in total. Running the dishwasher, which takes about ten seconds. Not doing those two quick jobs leaves a mess which is going to take an hour to clean up. Both these jobs should really be done every day.

I don't honestly know whether to hide in my room all day, to rest and recover from yesterday (which was twenty-two hours long and involved a shopping run around town, some heavy gardening and a trip from Nottingham to Bolton via Woodhead) or go down and clean it all up so I can feel at home while I catch up with missed television.

The living room is full of boxes, but somehow I expected that.


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