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Moth's been rushed to the vet again, but she's now back home and fine. She has a stomach bug. Signs you have built up trust in your pet:
Every day Moth has to have a thyroid pill. This is a recent development and she's been taking them for a week or more. I have to catch her, wrap her in a towel, prize open her jaws and shove the pill down her protest throat, while she does her level best to get out and/or send the pill somewhere I can't get to it. Then, once I am satisfied the pill is down her throat, I let her go and give her a good brush with the rabbit brush she likes so much. If she then spits the pill out, I let her win that round and don't try to pill her again.
She has now started reminding me of an evening that it is time for her pill. She then struggles against it as much as ever, but she doesn't try to avoid being caught or wrapped in the towel.

Since [personal profile] spiralsheep makes me feel I could link to more shiny things, here are some of mine:

The Monster Mine - This is a science fiction story from Project Gutenburg Australia (which is a wonderful site in its own right: check it out. It was first published in August 1845. In it, the writer discusses the future use of 'aerial machines' for carrying cargo overseas, the ubiquitous use of electricity and paper money being replaced by electronic cash. In 1845. Be warned; the writer uses 'natives' and 'ouran-outans' as synonyms.

Bone Crushing Experiments Yield Better Protective Gear features a custom-made machine which whumps bones to see what happens to your skeleton if you're hit really hard. It is something I can see Sherlock Holmes finding very shiny.

Banana Marugoto. It is banana, wrapped in custard, wrapped in cream, wrapped in a waffle. And then sliced.

The Mycroft Poppins Series, Episodes 1-5 The link is to number five in the series, but the first four episodes are linked to at the top. It is a series of pictures of Mycroft Poppins the Magical Nanny looking after Sherlock and John. The word 'cracktastic' springs to mind.
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Today's offering from the world_of_wol Dreamwidth community: Popo-chan, the amazing transforming owl which has to be seen to be disbelieved. I've seen it before, but it was great to go there again.

I learned today about Missing Black Woman syndrome - where the main character is a white male and his two sidekicks are a) a white female and b) a male who is either socially inept or black. The post I linked to illustrated the phenomenon in an amusing way.

I've read lots of recommendations for books by non-white authors where the protagonist, the main character, is not white. I am looking forward to buying some. What are your favourite chromatic books? (I like 'chromatic' as a term). I already recommended Returning My Sister's Face, but I have to also mention having been charmed by The Marriage Bureau for Rich People, an Indian take on the Jane Austen milieu. The link is to a review of the book. I did get the feeling it was written very much with non-Indians in mind, but what the heck. If there's a sequel, I will read it.

I also went out in the very much pouring rain, only to be greeted very quickly by bright sunshine and a large rainbow over the hills. It was well worth getting wet for, as was my eventual tea of a white poppyseed-topped plaited bun, boursin, on-the-vine tomatoes (bought days ago) and a chocolate eclair. *Nom*.
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I haven't posted, mostly because by evening, when my Daily Posts would be made, I am so tired and headachey I can't face making the post. Anyway, I am over the flu and embedded in yet another RaceFail, now with added mammoths.

Positive things do actually come out of these heated online discussions. For example,here is a list of recommendations for Indigenous/Anti-colonialist science fiction books and stories which is chock-full of new things for me to read.

I did just read Nameless by Sam Starbuck, which is a M-M romance (no porn at all) I found enchanting. It's warm and generous and has a strong sense of mythology. Equally enchanting, for different reasons, read a few weeks ago, is Returning My Sister's Face, a collection of Far Eastern based tales by Eugie Foster. I thought every story was as pretty and well-crafted as a Fabergé egg, with much the same jewel-like shiny qualities. Both books are ideal to curl up with on a rainy day.

Anyone who can tell me new things about Gaddi culture(s) is welcome to. I've been google-searching where I can, but what I can't find is stories by Gaddi people, Gaddi myths and legends, and how Gaddi people live day-to-day, either at home or while on pasture. I can get Gaddi Weddings, because they're exciting and easy to film, but not much else. Gaddi people raise sheep in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, the Indian state that creeps up the sides of the Himalaya Mountains. That's a very simplistic overview, by the way - Himachal Pradesh is large and I get a strong impression that the Gaddi are not a monoculture.


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