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I went out to Wigan with Random, on, I think, the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. The weather was terrible. I had a really good time shopping. Random was willing to explore everywhere until we got tired, and also willing to wait while I had a good look at what was on offer. It was all really good-tempered and pleasant, and having time to stop and get my bearings meant I didn't get overwhelmed or end up triggering a migraine. There was only one screaming child.

At one point, we were following a real life Calvin, although (mercifully) Hobbes was not in sight. During all of this retail wandering, I saw not one thing that I thought would make a nice present for someone I know. I'm wondering if part of that is that I've barely seen anyone - the last time I was in Nottingham was for the Novacon before last.

At the stop where we get off, there's a really nice café close by. It does fancy coffees and teas, basic grub, booze if you really must have booze with your sandwiches and Wigan Tapas: a selection of small pies served with I forget what. There's also Fizz and Chips; different sorts of fish goujons, chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce and two glasses of bubbly. I'd love to take my mum there.

The last place we went to was a booze shop with a wide range of single malts, including the one I really want - yet again, I didn't have *quite* enough money to buy a bottle of the 21 yo. But it's £125 and one day, I will. I got liqueur de espices (*not* liqueur de pain de espices, gingerbread liqueur, but a spice liqueur with anise and mace among other things), ginger liqueur and 'Old English Bush Liqueur Cordial' which, even after reading the label, could be *anything*.

Random set us off the bus a full mile down the road for the convenience of the bus driver(!) but I don't think it's done me too much harm. I got back, and I've put the dishwasher on, plus I've got lamb stew cooking right now, full of leftover spiced roast vegetables and unwanted lamb chops, plus some fresh veg and meat and a lamb stock cube.

On the whole, a really, really good day. Probably my most fun day in the last two months. Thank you, Random.
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(Far more than any other man would do!). )
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My noblemen were under your command; )
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Foul slave, you are my confidant no more!' )
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And dragged in chains along the filthy ground -  )
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They stripped the villain, flayed him, stopped his breath. )
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I slept in very late, only waking up, finally, at 2:30pm. I've decided I need to go back to a proper daily routine. I knew I was going to anyway, at least before December, but now seems like a good time. If nothing else, it'll mean I take more migraine-prevention pills and on a better schedule.

I managed to sleep through a Tescos food delivery and the arrival of a book from Amazon. Random and Pol are both home and sorted it out for me. I woke up to find a package outside my door and my food in the fridge. Bless!

Today is a little better. I managed to clean half the kitchen. I didn't get around to putting pots in the dishwasher, having run out of steam before then. I'll put my laundry away and sort out a load to put on first thing tomorrow.

There's this lovely, lovely book on owls I read once in the library, owls of the world. I just ordered the new edition, because *every time* the subject of owls comes up, I remember that book and wish I could see it again. So now, I'm going to own it, purely as eye candy. I hope there's a shelf it will fit onto.
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It's probably obvious from my lack of writing that I've not been that well a bunny over the darkest part of the winter. My routines didn't quite fall apart, but, by the time evening rolled around, I was always far too tired to write anything beyond the occasional quick comment to a post. Anything requiring deep thought was out.

I've finished my Making Sense of the Arts course, that's all been handed in and is done with forever. I am so very pleased. It's not that I didn't enjoy the work, but I found doing a course with deadlines quite stressful. So, naturally, I want to do another course. I took some days off but already I am back to my morning routine of getting breakfast and sitting down with some books. Currently, it's hieroglyphs. Because I like hieroglyphs and I've been studying from this same book for ten years now and would like to actually one day finish the thing.

On Saturday, Random took me to Oswaldtwistle Mills, where they sell fabric remnants and clogs, cushion covers and fabric, duvet covers and beer, carpet and meerkat statuettes. There is also, close by, a carpet showroom which smells (so I'm told) like the palm house at Kew, and a papercraft shop which has a man-crèche with (so I'm told) good coffee and Sky Sports. It's only Tuesday, and already I am pretty much recovered from the visit.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:02 am
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The solstice was yesterday. I woke up feeling very bleh and not remotely celebratory. I had a duck to roast (actually, two) but not much to go with it and I wasn't sure I could be bothered to go out into the cold and snow to get more.

So Pol took me and Radnom to Bolton Market, where we all picked delicious noms for the next three days or so. Then Pol asked if he should/could invite people over, and I said yes, as long as he was prepared to do the host thing.

After that, I got cooking the duck, pausing now and then to attend to my bonfire-in-a-pot outside. Pol led the solstice service, despite being irreligious, because he'd just been to a celebration and could remember how the toasts worked. I toasted the sun, and Pol toasted the sun, and Random toasted the sun. The pot looked pretty good - a black iron cauldron on a white snowy wall, carrying warm yellow flames into the cold blue dusk, spreading wood smoke and sweet fumes of burnt mead and rosemary.

So I had a big roast duck dinner, with Random, then a buffet with Simon and ChrisC, Random, Pol and ppx. I hadn't met ppx before. She turned out to be lovely, although I think slightly overwhelmed.

I went with Pol to drop ppx off after the evening and defrosted in a hot bath before going to sleep at about 2am. I have woken up hungover but happy.

Thank you, Pol, Random, Simon, ChrisC and ppx for making winter solstice 2009 a special day.
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The local Somerfield is closing, and they have many offers on. Last night was weird, with crowds of people hovering, waiting for the booze to be half-priced, and buying bags and crates of it. It was all very desperate and somehow sordid, with the whole frenzy driving people to park on double yellows so they could, for example, carry out giant 12l cartons of bottled water, of all things. We only went out for bread and milk! I went out again today for more milk (I can only carry a little at a time) and it was much quieter. I finally found out what is happening to the place. It closes on 1 August, which we new, but reopens as a Sainsburys, which is unexpected (we all thought it would be a Co-op). Apparently, the only building allowed there is a supermarket, they're not allowed to redevelop as something else, and no doubt this has influenced its fate. Good. Little local shops are great for bread, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, but there isn't anywhere else I can by goat's milk and St Agur cheese and Mattesons sausage.

Time Team is so cosy, and so low-budget compared to Mythbusters, but the enthusiasm is at about the same level. 'We have the best job in the world and we know it'. Awwwww. The Deadliest Catch is... exactly opposite. :0) I can watch, apparently, any amount of all of these programmes. And have been doing.

I'm vaguely aware of the Moon Landing having been about 40 years ago and am paying no attention to the news otherwise.
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Last night's thought went undeveloped, thanks to a long and necessary conversation with Pol, but I would have gone on to say that realising the whiteness and maleness of my favoured poems' writers has prompted me to seek out new poetry that's less monochrome. All the tabs with poetry in are now closed, but showcasing poetry will be something nice to do for another time. Seeking out new poetry is nearly always a good use of spare time.

I found glee in consumerism when Sessifet drove me to a big supermarket to get all the things I can live without but still want and can't get in Horwich itself. Things like strange seed mix snacks, malt beer, frozen chicken livers, pear in cranberry juice, cherry cordial and juice, plastic pool noodles for indoor staff-fighting, chocolate cream sundaes, ginger and honey tea, sesame seed bread and, of course, a large soft hairy rubber multicoloured light-up ball. The current one (the last one died) is yellow, green and, around the middle, sky blue all sprayed on possibly glow-in-the-dark white hairy rubber. Pol's fallen in love with it already.

It strikes me that our Scottish Nibling will soon be old enough to play with things like this. :0)

Lots of things I've been unable to do suddenly seem entirely possible and likely, so I foresee a few days of being more or less in my room busy working on them. I'll take this computer up there tonight and settle in. I have presents to wrap and cards to write out, fabric to cut up and nail down, a bag to sew. And sew on and sew on.

Intellectually, I still have more on my plate than I can handle.

BTW, does anyone know how I can get my mouse mood thingies for DW? Or just a different mood thingy?


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