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I'm awake at silly-o'-clock, no idea why, and it doesn't seem I'll be back to sleep any time soon. I hope I can get a nap before work, is all. Today is the Evening Post's job day, so it's not a case of sleeping late before work, I'll be busy seeing what I can apply for. Slavoljub Eduard Penkala is doing his best to comfort me.

Netflix' House of Cards is rather good. The Underwoods are both ruthless and hateful, it's delightful.

Pol's been busy mending motorbikes. The stable now has in it Serenity, Liberator (being fixed) and Galactica. I can't wait for Tardis to show up. I love the idea of Pol taking a defunct machine and turning it into someone's pride and joy. I *think* Liberator is for Kira but I'm not sure.

The charity shop I volunteer at is without a manager still. It didn't have a manager at Yule, and, after many, many interviews the job is being advertised again. Apparently nobody really amazing has wanted a '37.5 hour a week' management job at £14k, for a shop that is open from 8:30am to 5pm six days a week and which needs managing before and after the shop is open (you do the maths). They've had applicants but have turned down all the ones that didn't simply walk out.

I'm getting ready for the LARP. Pol is being wonderful, thinking of things I might need, then getting them. If I am uncomfortable camping, it won't be his fault. I'm really looking forward to seeing him this Saturday.
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Pol came back at about elevenish and went straight to bed without saying goodnight. Random lent me her phone charger. I asked if she had a nice dinner. She said in the end she hadn't eaten anything because she'd had toast while she was waiting for Pol to bring me back.

I made Pol a coffee in the morning, but he was having a fasting blood sugar, so it was wasted. Still, he sat and chatted with me a while, mostly about the Steam games he bought me. I am trying to download them while I am here, but the emails went missing and without the emails Steam isn't forthcoming on past gifts.

Spice and Hatter were bouncing on me all night long, so I didn't sleep very well. I have fed them and emptied the cat tray. I am also cleaning up the conservatory, which is full of rubbish from where the rats all used to be, and gathering my art stuff so I can do art. I've just stopped for a meal break. It's Tescos Value Cottage Pie - I feel quite brave for eating it.

Pol said he wouldn't be back tonight as he's out to a prearranged social event. I wish I was going - it would be nice to see people while I am here and I've switched to a later sleeping pattern to fit in with Pol and Random, so being up late isn't a problem. Still, there's Mary and Tim's wedding on Saturday! After which I am going straight home, which apparently spoils Random's trip to Coventry, as I was expected to look after the cats. They thought I was leaving on Sunday, but I decided to go straight home rather than get a train on Sunday for a journey I already don't like very much. Random has really had a lot of inconvenience from me this trip up, though she's being nice about it. Pol won't be able to look after the cats, because he's off to a different wedding with Kira. He leaves Friday evening, so I think from what he's said that tomorrow morning is the only time I will see him, before he goes to work and then to pick up Kira, and then to the wedding.

It's bright and sunny out today. The fruit trees look good where Pol planted them.

Anyway, I'd better go and eat, and then actually do something instead of moping around online.


Feb. 20th, 2013 10:23 pm
supermouse: Simple blue linedrawing of a stylised superhero mouse facing left (Default) the cuddliest, glompiest cat in the world. Hatter is adorable. I was worried Spice had forgotten me, but she crawled up for her usual night time cuddle and stopped me doing anything else for a while. :0) Hatter's been making me play with him.

Pol and Random and Kira have gone out to dinner without me. I arranged a Tescos delivery for 9-10pm, thinking that would be plenty of time for me to get to Wigan, but it wasn't, so they had to wait in for my food. Then Pol persuaded me to let him pick me up instead of getting a taxi, and so they had to wait for that too. But they've all gone out to dinner now, an hour later than planned. I was asked not to go along, and that in fact the plan had been for me to arrive to an empty house, except I ruined that with bad planning. I'm a bit confused about why this plan, but hopefully everybody is happy now and being fed. I've got a glass of milk and am curled up with the cats.


Jan. 31st, 2013 09:48 am
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Yesterday was pretty good. I got to the sandwich shop just in time for the roast pork being put out. I did tell everyone at the shop, but no one wanted one that day. (The roast pork is only available for about half an hour before it's all gone, so it's useful to know when it's happening.)

Yesterday's manager taught me more about sorting (there are so many Things, and categories of Things, and protocols about Things, that there's a lot to learn, even if none of it is academically interesting.) She also shared banana chips with me. I'd been worried she didn't like me, I suppose I must be at least tolerable.

Pol is being affectionate in his text messages and on irc. It's a nice part of my evening, the exchange of well-wishes. I've asked Kira to pass on hugs, seeing as I can't give them in person.

I'm leaving Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays free from 7pm-8pm for phone chats. If you have my number, you're welcome to give me a call then. If you want me to call you, drop me a line. Comments are screened.


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