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Palaeography again, this time Medieval. Before spellynge, backe in the time of 'ye'. Random handwriting wasn't any easier to skim back then than it is now.

I have a bike! It is purple and I have no photograph of it. I'll do something about that the next time I go out on it. Random also has a bike, which is a brown Landrover bike with a wicker basket and three gears. It looks rugged and simple and ready for pootling around in the 1930s. Mine is more cyberpunk. I'm looking forward to when we go out together.

Hatter brought a rat back last night, which was exciting. As far as I can tell, he jumped it and managed to grab it by the neck in such a way as to trigger it's 'being carried by mum' reflex, as it was perfectly docile until he let it go in the upstairs hall. Thanks be to the gods, it ran into the bathroom and not any of the other directions that would have made last night so much more complicated. It was a good, big healthy rat.

Rats are vermin. If you catch one, you can't let it go. It's not only illegal, it's monstrously unfair to anyone living close by. They carry diseases which can disable and kill human beings. So, in the next part of the story, the rat dies. If you can't deal with that, please move on. )


Apr. 25th, 2012 03:22 pm
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I managed to get the tip of a thorn embedded deep under one of my toenails, so that you could just see the black speck right in the middle of the nail, like a fly trapped behind a window.

I went to the walk-in centre this morning (return trip from last night) to have it removed. It was explained to me that local anaesthetic would hurt more than just taking it out. The doc tried to take it out without anaesthetic, but I am *not* stoic about having things jammed under my nail (I expect most people aren't, tbh) and ended up, after some time, actually screaming.

So, he decided, reluctantly, to anaesthetise it. Which he'd said would hurt more than trying to remove it. HE LIED. Well, he was wrong. The jabs barely bothered me, whereas him trying to dig it out was OH FUCK NO.

I have a hole in my toenail which didn't hurt a bit at the time, and nothing left under my nail to get manky. The nail is now not really any more sore than before I had the splinter removed.
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I've just discovered a new plant in the garden, growing very vigorously. Japanese Knotweed. Well, fucknuggets. I'm going to treat it with glyphosate, not a substance I was expecting to be buying but leaving it alone to grow is very much not an option.

Edit: had long, long chat with local council bod and will be painting it lovingly with Roundup, then waiting a few months, then painting it again, then waiting until it starts dying back in the autumn, and painting it again. And waiting until it's *really* dead and burning what is left in a very hot fire until there are just ashes. For three years.
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So, the frost did *not* kill the tomatoes (!) but it did kill very nearly all the morning glories. However, since they take a massive two weeks to get from sown to ready-to-plant, I'll just do those once the last danger of frost is gone.

I have planted out all but five of the sugar snap peas. I only have three mange tout, but tons and tons of sugar snap - thirty plants I think. Heaven only knows what happened there. I do know some of the asparagus peas turned into sugar snaps, despite the seeds being totally and utterly different in appearance and size.

Spice is having a mad episode just now. I've played with her, but mostly she wants to run madly about the house, making tribble noises and with her fur all on end. I've learned that her fur being all on end often means excitement rather than terror - her whiskers are forward and she's easy to approach. Just... brushy. There are lots of insects around, so she's been kept happy and occupied. She hates the rain, but will come out into it anyway if I am there. Hatter doesn't care, as long as he can come back to me later and warm and dry his feet on my neck.

There are now twice as many turnip plants as there were - there are now two. I planted out some comfrey and managed to drive a thorn deep into my thumb. I got the splinter out eventually and it bled freely, so it should be okay.

I've run out of compost, again.
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So yes. Dr Who was good. Especially the Schroedinger Spoiler. And the last/first Spoiler was heartbreaking. And gosh was I surprised when the girl spoilered! I liked the spoilers everyone was drawing on their spoilers to help them spoiler, too. I found the editing very, very creepy and good at evoking what the monster of the week was doing to people's spoilers.


Jan. 23rd, 2010 10:47 pm
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We had a woman and a man having a barney just down the close. By the time I got out, the woman was alone and very upset - something about three years and children or three children, and was saying 'I'm not like this' when I asked what was up. She went off and raised Cain nearby, then the smashing noises started. I got the impression from other people that she was smashing up said bloke's house.

Reason for calling the police: I want a quiet night's kip.

Edited to add: there's a gang in the area (of Bolton or Horwich, I can't tell) targeting cars and setting them alight. The car from two doors down was fired last night. I was away, stopping with S&C for a game night, so I missed it all. The fire brigade put the car out before it exploded: just as well, as it was close to the house.


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