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Oh ye gods! Being at work is so much better than not being at work! I'd been in a complete slump, and was hoping that being at work would kick me out of it. I'm now knackered, but my mood has shot up.

I spent the entire day, more or less, standing up steaming clothes, but I was asking about how items are priced, and expressed a desire to take on bric-a-brac as my 'department'. Upshot it, I showed myself not to be an utter numpty, and now I am learning how to price things. So one day I should end up coming in, sorting out the bric-a-brac and clearing the old stuff, under my own initiative. Having something to aim for is a mood boost. Also, I actually like steaming; it's warm, repetitive and takes no thought at all. When my head is full of post-illness cotton wool, it's really nice.

Job hunting is scaring me at the moment, I think because I've just had a week off ill, and the current job market is such that people can't take a week off to be ill. Also, changing my CV to fit individual jobs seems overwhelming atm. I am hoping that's another mental health thing and that I can do it now I am back into work mode and not in sit-around-putting-things-off mode.

Plan for this evening is to finish the amaretto and milk I am currently enjoying (I put this off for two months! Why?) and go to the supermarket and get some real actual food. Easy food, because right now it doesn't interest me very much. The fact that it's been a week and I still have no appetite to speak of, says that I was doing the right thing not risking spreading this bug to people. Anyone who knows me knows that lack of interest in food is not one of my personality traits.
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I'm back home. The wedding was excellent - having it beneath the spread arms of a T-Rex skeleton was genius. Mary and Tim both brushed up very well, as did many other people. After the ceremony, but before the dinner, we all had free rein of the museum which was also pretty cool - so, if you're getting married, it turns out Manchester Museum isn't actually a bad place to do it.

I went straight home from the wedding so I could rest all of Sunday. I'm glad I did, as I was utterly wrecked all of Sunday but better yesterday.

The shop had a burglary - there was a gang who came in and wrecked the place looking for the safe, which was glued to the floor, then used all the tools they could find and a few they brought themselves to break it from the floor. They ignored pretty much everything else. This is very probably the exact same gang that got the safe the last time. There's no CCTV and apparently there isn't ever going to be any CCTV. So it's just a matter of time until the next burglary. You can imagine the effect on staff morale.

Skyrim is excellent. The graphics really need a better computer than I'm using (but I love this laptop and have no desire to swap to a dedicated gaming rig), but the story-telling is fun. I haven't yet encountered the slut-shaming quest where you have to tell a woman to stop sleeping around. I have encountered a request for ten bear pelts, which is going to be fulfilled only by sheer coincidence.

There are not enough lockpicks. There are never enough lockpicks. Also, I miss having a radio station while exploring digital scenery, though I'd be confused if it was there. Still, I suspect this is going to get as much play time as Fallout: New Vegas did, and for the same reasons.


Jan. 31st, 2013 09:48 am
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Yesterday was pretty good. I got to the sandwich shop just in time for the roast pork being put out. I did tell everyone at the shop, but no one wanted one that day. (The roast pork is only available for about half an hour before it's all gone, so it's useful to know when it's happening.)

Yesterday's manager taught me more about sorting (there are so many Things, and categories of Things, and protocols about Things, that there's a lot to learn, even if none of it is academically interesting.) She also shared banana chips with me. I'd been worried she didn't like me, I suppose I must be at least tolerable.

Pol is being affectionate in his text messages and on irc. It's a nice part of my evening, the exchange of well-wishes. I've asked Kira to pass on hugs, seeing as I can't give them in person.

I'm leaving Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays free from 7pm-8pm for phone chats. If you have my number, you're welcome to give me a call then. If you want me to call you, drop me a line. Comments are screened.
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I work in a shop, though not for money. I work because I want to. In the shop are things to buy, which other people used to own and don't want any more. They are called 'second hand'.

At the back of the shop, I use a thing that makes water very hot, and the water turns into air. This hot, wet air is what I use to make old clothes look more new. Old clothes get lines in them, like those lines that people get in their face when they are worried. The hot wet air makes these lines drop out of the clothes and that is what makes them look more new. I like to do this. Other people do not like to do this, but I do.

Some of the things people give us are not good, and many of the things people give us are good or even very good. The good things are those things that people will want to buy. Clothes that are not clean are not good, and are thrown away. (We get money for them when put in big bags all together, but not much) Other things, not clothes, that are not clean can sometimes be made clean and so, make them good. (I do this cleaning sometimes.)

So people who work for the shop have to sort through all the things, to find the good things and throw away the bad things. They usually do this in the work room, where the person-who-is-running-the-shop can see that they are sorting well.

Now, people can ask us to ask the people-who-run-the-place-we-all-live to give more money when people buy things from our shop. Usually, every day the people-who-run-the-place take some of our money when we work or when we buy things. The money we ask for is some of that money that the person who gave us their things would have paid to the people-who-run-the-place.

We have to mark the stuff from people who have asked to give more money, so that we can know how much to ask for from the people-who-run-things. When we sort out the stuff in the bags marked for more money, this has to be done near a computer, out of the sight of everyone, such as the person-who-is-running-the-shop. So you have to be good at sorting things to sort the marked-for-more-money bags of stuff. And you have to be able to use a computer. And you have to be trusted.

I am good at sorting things, the people-who-run-the-shop have said (there are two, who work on different days), and I can use a computer, and I am trusted, so I am sorting the marked-for-more-money stuff. I like this, because it makes me feel important. But I enjoy making old clothes look new just because.

(Yes, I have in the end used upgoer 5.)


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