Jan. 25th, 2013

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I work in a shop, though not for money. I work because I want to. In the shop are things to buy, which other people used to own and don't want any more. They are called 'second hand'.

At the back of the shop, I use a thing that makes water very hot, and the water turns into air. This hot, wet air is what I use to make old clothes look more new. Old clothes get lines in them, like those lines that people get in their face when they are worried. The hot wet air makes these lines drop out of the clothes and that is what makes them look more new. I like to do this. Other people do not like to do this, but I do.

Some of the things people give us are not good, and many of the things people give us are good or even very good. The good things are those things that people will want to buy. Clothes that are not clean are not good, and are thrown away. (We get money for them when put in big bags all together, but not much) Other things, not clothes, that are not clean can sometimes be made clean and so, make them good. (I do this cleaning sometimes.)

So people who work for the shop have to sort through all the things, to find the good things and throw away the bad things. They usually do this in the work room, where the person-who-is-running-the-shop can see that they are sorting well.

Now, people can ask us to ask the people-who-run-the-place-we-all-live to give more money when people buy things from our shop. Usually, every day the people-who-run-the-place take some of our money when we work or when we buy things. The money we ask for is some of that money that the person who gave us their things would have paid to the people-who-run-the-place.

We have to mark the stuff from people who have asked to give more money, so that we can know how much to ask for from the people-who-run-things. When we sort out the stuff in the bags marked for more money, this has to be done near a computer, out of the sight of everyone, such as the person-who-is-running-the-shop. So you have to be good at sorting things to sort the marked-for-more-money bags of stuff. And you have to be able to use a computer. And you have to be trusted.

I am good at sorting things, the people-who-run-the-shop have said (there are two, who work on different days), and I can use a computer, and I am trusted, so I am sorting the marked-for-more-money stuff. I like this, because it makes me feel important. But I enjoy making old clothes look new just because.

(Yes, I have in the end used upgoer 5.)


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