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So, Simon wanted to meet up in London and the place Eric suggested was Federation Café in Brixton Village. I've not seen Brixton Village before. It's astounding. The bright colours of home decor and clothes punctuate the busy ribbons of every form of café and small restaurant possible. It's impossibly crowded and incredibly friendly, especially if you're used to the idea that Londoners are stand-offish.

Federation Café itself actually hides in this background, with plain wooden tables outside, stencilled in black. They do fresh cakes, baked often enough that we ended up viewing two different selections while we were there. There's a limited, tasty selection of savouries. And they roast beans once a day, throwing out what's unused, and they grind beans every half an hour. The coffee is the best I've ever tasted, anywhere. I saved my morning caffeine dose for their coffee and had a little cup of miracles, and then the decaf turned out to also be amazingly tasty, which is a new and lovely experience for a decaf drinker.

The actual social experience was the same as these things always are - nice people chatting about general subjects and a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. A bloke who was trying to read his paper ended up part of our circle, brought in I know not how or why, but kept there by being passed food. We were sharing our cakes - salted caramel millionaire's shortbread, rosewater and raspberry sponge, blackberry and almond cake and goodness knows what else.

On another subject entirely, we watched Horizon last night, me and ccooke and ruthi. The subject was domestic cats, which have been tracked and had cameras put on for a week-long survey. It was great. The talk about how cats are evolving was less so, but honestly just seeing cats' home ranges, and how they cover different shifts, and how cats in a multi-cat household genuinely are social, that was brilliant. I hope this becomes a regular thing, like Springwatch.
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I'm awake at silly-o'-clock, no idea why, and it doesn't seem I'll be back to sleep any time soon. I hope I can get a nap before work, is all. Today is the Evening Post's job day, so it's not a case of sleeping late before work, I'll be busy seeing what I can apply for. Slavoljub Eduard Penkala is doing his best to comfort me.

Netflix' House of Cards is rather good. The Underwoods are both ruthless and hateful, it's delightful.

Pol's been busy mending motorbikes. The stable now has in it Serenity, Liberator (being fixed) and Galactica. I can't wait for Tardis to show up. I love the idea of Pol taking a defunct machine and turning it into someone's pride and joy. I *think* Liberator is for Kira but I'm not sure.

The charity shop I volunteer at is without a manager still. It didn't have a manager at Yule, and, after many, many interviews the job is being advertised again. Apparently nobody really amazing has wanted a '37.5 hour a week' management job at £14k, for a shop that is open from 8:30am to 5pm six days a week and which needs managing before and after the shop is open (you do the maths). They've had applicants but have turned down all the ones that didn't simply walk out.

I'm getting ready for the LARP. Pol is being wonderful, thinking of things I might need, then getting them. If I am uncomfortable camping, it won't be his fault. I'm really looking forward to seeing him this Saturday.
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The local Somerfield is closing, and they have many offers on. Last night was weird, with crowds of people hovering, waiting for the booze to be half-priced, and buying bags and crates of it. It was all very desperate and somehow sordid, with the whole frenzy driving people to park on double yellows so they could, for example, carry out giant 12l cartons of bottled water, of all things. We only went out for bread and milk! I went out again today for more milk (I can only carry a little at a time) and it was much quieter. I finally found out what is happening to the place. It closes on 1 August, which we new, but reopens as a Sainsburys, which is unexpected (we all thought it would be a Co-op). Apparently, the only building allowed there is a supermarket, they're not allowed to redevelop as something else, and no doubt this has influenced its fate. Good. Little local shops are great for bread, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, but there isn't anywhere else I can by goat's milk and St Agur cheese and Mattesons sausage.

Time Team is so cosy, and so low-budget compared to Mythbusters, but the enthusiasm is at about the same level. 'We have the best job in the world and we know it'. Awwwww. The Deadliest Catch is... exactly opposite. :0) I can watch, apparently, any amount of all of these programmes. And have been doing.

I'm vaguely aware of the Moon Landing having been about 40 years ago and am paying no attention to the news otherwise.
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I think it's a new moon tonight, or very nearly. I am awake early, having been woken up twice: once at midnight by, probably, something as simple as a bedroom door closing, and once at 5:30am by a sudden brightening of the daylight. Since full daylight is at 4am or so, this puzzles me, but brighter light was definitely what woke me up. Sunshine isn't likely, since the sky is full tupperware with a fine, light and probably chilly drizzle, the sort of weather I usually expect on the Solstice rather than the day after.

I have Plans for today. Laundry, housework, general tidying up, and perhaps even going out to the shop. For leisure, I plan to play dwarf fortress and finish reading Boatmurdered and for my political conscience I will read, very likely, more of the spinoffs from cereta's post on how men can prevent rape - the spinoffs including intersectionality and how rape culture affects women of colour. My best source is the linkspam DW community which collates large, ranged discussions from DW and LJ and puts it together.

I have been enjoying watching Ally McBeal. Hm.


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