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Chris (Cwol) is coming round to visit any minute now, so I've been preparing things for his visit. Accordingly, there are freshly roasted coffee beans I did last night, and bread is baking even as I type. The plan is to have a steak sandwich at around midday.

I've rearranged my bedsit so two of us can sit at the table, and I have to say I like this arrangement a lot better. My easy chair is stuck in the corner. I'll see how it actually works in practice for day-to-day living, but for having someone over it's much more pleasant and open.

I've even hoovered. It's exactly as much faff as I remember, even with the tiny Tescos hoover that's so easy to move around. Now I know why I don't do it very often. I have to admit, it does make a real difference but I can't exactly see it being a weekly event. Anyway, it's done and I am pleased with the results.

My to-do list for today:

Post a letter
Buy steak
Make coffee
Drink coffee
Make a steak sandwich
Eat a steak sandwich.

The letterbox is right next to the butcher's, and the butcher is about eighty yards away, just to give some perspective.
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Ruthi and I got baked[1] and then rained on then baked and then rained on, then baked. Then ccooke caused pizza. There's some clearing of stuff into skips going on, but I am not hugely involved.

[1]Sunshine, not cannabis.
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Before I get onto gardening, I liked this letter to a girl.

The part of the house inspection I am given to get ready for is the garden. So, today, I:

Sawed out neat squares from the blown-down trellises to make smaller frames for the winter squash.

Took the rest of them apart and stacked the pieces.

Cleaned the masonry to repaint, only to find we're out of masonry paint.

Took out about fifty dead canes from last year's bushes.

Mowed the lawn, filling our not-small mower's basket up twice.

Edged same.

Stained the decking rails, fence and bird feeder. (You can't even see where I stained the decking rails in November - the weather has scoured it all back to bare wood).

Weeded, although only enough to appease the house agent.

I'm going to see if the local nursery will deliver me a bulk amount of bedding compost for all the May sowing, and the delayed late-April sowing. I basically need enough to cover the vast bulk of a twenty-foot-long, four-foot-deep bed six inches deep.
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I've culled all my dullest snails and kept those with lighter or more rufous markings. I'm now down from several hundred snails to about two dozen. Given the sheer number of eggs I destroyed, I'd have had over a thousand within a fortnight. The rotting plants have been taken out, the living plants put back and the tank water is clear again instead of murky green.

More people in my friendslist are dropping Livejournal and switching to Dreamwidth. I gather livejournal have been doing something even nastier with advertising, while Dreamwidth have just brought out a whole load of new features. I do like the way DW ask 'what do you think?' and take it all on board.

The weather continues sunny. It's very, very odd, at least for the North Wet of England it is. We're getting drought warnings. I like having the windows wide open and listening to birdsong all day. It's especially sweet when Moth's curled up under my right hand and occasionally prodding me in the midriff as a reminder to keep stroking her head. Poor Pol is going to be melting.

This article from last week offers a picture of how racism is affecting people in the British workplace today. To quote: Blatant racism is still far too prevalent in the workplace: more than a fifth still said they had been offended by a racial remark in their place of work. Chinese were the most egregious victims with 35% citing an example, followed by a quarter of Pakistanis.


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