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Oh ye gods! Being at work is so much better than not being at work! I'd been in a complete slump, and was hoping that being at work would kick me out of it. I'm now knackered, but my mood has shot up.

I spent the entire day, more or less, standing up steaming clothes, but I was asking about how items are priced, and expressed a desire to take on bric-a-brac as my 'department'. Upshot it, I showed myself not to be an utter numpty, and now I am learning how to price things. So one day I should end up coming in, sorting out the bric-a-brac and clearing the old stuff, under my own initiative. Having something to aim for is a mood boost. Also, I actually like steaming; it's warm, repetitive and takes no thought at all. When my head is full of post-illness cotton wool, it's really nice.

Job hunting is scaring me at the moment, I think because I've just had a week off ill, and the current job market is such that people can't take a week off to be ill. Also, changing my CV to fit individual jobs seems overwhelming atm. I am hoping that's another mental health thing and that I can do it now I am back into work mode and not in sit-around-putting-things-off mode.

Plan for this evening is to finish the amaretto and milk I am currently enjoying (I put this off for two months! Why?) and go to the supermarket and get some real actual food. Easy food, because right now it doesn't interest me very much. The fact that it's been a week and I still have no appetite to speak of, says that I was doing the right thing not risking spreading this bug to people. Anyone who knows me knows that lack of interest in food is not one of my personality traits.
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Moving into a room which got jemmied open less than a month ago might not have been the most sensible, but I've done it now. I like it better than my old room. It has a garden, and a little not-really-a-kitchen as a separate room. I'm fitting better bolts as soon as possible, as well as other security fixtures (like, for example, an alarm). Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my one valuable item, my laptop, with me as much as possible, or stored elsewhere entirely. Supposedly, this house and street don't see much crime. Except this year. So far both break-ins have been during the day.

Pol is helping me with my CV. I'm now at that stage of job-hunting. With ten years of bugger all, it's quite daunting. But if anyone can help me polish the turd of my work experience, Pol can.

The first thing I did after getting all my stuff into the room was to clean the kitchen. Then I went to the pub. Then I cleaned the kitchen some more.


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