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Did I tidy my room? NO! It's pretty much been left alone.

Did I go to bed early last night? YES! I think so? If I did go to bed late, it wasn't too late.

Did I take my nighttime anti-migraine pills? YES!

Did I do my dawn walk? YES! I ended up nipping out of the back door, around the front and onto the field. On Sunday mornings, all is quiet. The sunrise was lemon-yellow.

What's the weather like? As promised by the sunrise, it was sunny and cold.

Did I wash and get dressed in nice clothes? YES! No necklace, but I did have a shower.

Did I do relaxation after breakfast? YES!

Did I go out somewhere else too? NO!

Did I cook? YES! I put sweet potatoes on to bake. Unfortunately, I then got hammered by a migraine and ended up sleeping for three hours.

Did I take my post-breakfast anti-migraine pills? YES!

Did I do anything energetic? YES! I loaded the dishwasher and set it running, and I played with Moth.

Did I use my brain? YES! I did hieroglyphs and I am now on the Osiris Mysteries, which is about where I pegged out before. I don't have long before I am learning new things. At the moment, it is weak and doubling verbs in the infinitive, which is what they call words with an 'ing' at the end in English. Lots of frescoes are actually like cartoons, with pictures of people doing things and a caption saying what they're doing, and often who it is doing it.

Happy things: I watched Men In Black and enjoyed it. I have a desire now to rewatch MiB2. I spent time with Pol, watching Mythbusters. Moth is an enduring source of happiness. The sunrise was fairly pretty. ccooke ran a game and it apparently went well, so there's now a new GM and a new gaming group in the world, always a good thing. Random is learning mechanicking by making her car better.


Did I take painkillers? NO! I ended up with a drug free day, partly through forgetting they were an option.

Did I have a migraine? YES! I got completely knocked down with one in the afternoon and had very weird, ultra-bright dreams while sleeping it off.

Do I feel MEish? YES! I feel as though I am coming down with a cold, but it never happens.

How are my sinuses? Cruddy and blocked.

Did I sleep well? YES! I did last night. Less so this afternoon, which wasn't so much sleeping as just lying still for a few hours with my brains on idle.


That book shelf clearing thing.

Building the best Egyptian city ever in the game Pharaoh.

A hot water bottle should feature somewhere.

Starting my OU course! I am doing the 'learning how to study' activities first, before the course even starts.


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