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I'm staying with ccooke and ruthi, who are being lovely as ever.

Today we went out to look at houses. Neither house we saw was at all suitable, but we had a nice outing anyway. All this despite the fact that ruthi was not really having a good day, but she soldiered on.

We scouted out areas around the houses. The second was not that far from Hoe St, so we had lunch at Sunset Café and Desserts, which I can heartily recommend. They do fresh squeezed juices (apple, orange, carrot and probably a mixture of the above), savoury and sweet crepes, sandwiches (paninis, very good) and a nice range of good cakes. We made the most of the place, then checked out shops and got yellow Pakistani mangoes, which had not been in evidence on Wednesday and were suddenly everywhere in large numbers today.

The second house was full of tenants, who had not been warned we were coming to view the place. I felt awful for them - I know what it's like. Still, we looked round and saw what was wrong and what wasn't. They offered us tea and biscuits, so we accepted and watched Pakistan play cricket. They asked for luck for Pakistan's next two games (they were not doing well vs the West Indies), so I said sure, but I hoped England would thrash them at the semis. We parted on very good terms.

Tomorrow's breakfast is going to be a croissant with a sour cherry and vanilla cream filling, and there are plans to take me to a restaurant called Hawksmoor. It's a steakhouse where meat is chosen and then paid for by weight. I'd really like to take Pol there one day, I think he'd enjoy it.

The depression is gone and I am rapidly recovering from the M.E. I think that I was right when I thought that the relapse was because the stomach thing was stopping me absorbing the pills that make the M.E. go away. I'm recovering at what would be the right rate if I'd stopped taking them for a while then gone back on them again, and should be right as rain two months from now.


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