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My last day at the science festival, I returned early thanks to Mike

Keeping accountable (Do not serve me as once I dealt with you) )
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If I was supposed to be thinking about things online, well... I haven't. I had a night of poor sleep, not going to sleep until 3am or so, then up at 8am after frequent waking, before going off to the game tired, headachey and out of sorts. I had a wonderful day.

Sessifet took me there, via Tescos for munchies, so I got to have sushi (yay, even unto the warned-about RAW FISH which you can apparently now get there) for breakfast, with champagne rhubarb yoghurt after, which is very nice. All washed down with strawberry and rhubarb smoothie which turned out to taste entirely of bananas. I mean ridiculously so - it tasted more 'banana flavoured' than of real bananas, even, like reddish Nesquick. I had brought the ingredients for ham sandwiches, but was invited instead to lunch by Tim, so I lunched on a nice beef pie, home-made mash, veg and gravy. Proper food. Very nice. Then mostly I read until the game began.

The game was good. We all very nearly died, but didn't quite, in an epic battle with twists and turns and drama and despair and final, hard-won victory. I don't think any of the party are very keen on going up against a party containing a Minotaur ever again. 34 strength when in rage and a whirlwind attack. Ouch. Compared to that, the druid that popped in and out of trees to surprise-attack people was merely annoying. We actually took an attack out to coup-de-grace the Minotaur just to make absolutely sure no more surprises were forthcoming.

There was a funny spot when we had to decide whether to save our geomancer, played by ccooke, who was frozen by Hold Monster next to a Blinking spellcaster with lots of cold spells, or whether to all go at once after a fleeing nearly-dead cleric in very shiny, very expensive adamantium plate armour. I was out of the room when the final decision was made. When I left, it could have gone either way.

By the time the battle was over, it was about 11pm and Sessifet was waiting to take me home, so I cleared out very quickly and was still a bit buzzed when I got home. It was a good game.


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