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I've spent the last twenty days with ccooke and ruthi, who are the most warmhearted, kind and generous people I know. They've looked out for my comfort and allowed me to help sort out a few things for them, and the experience has been amazing and positive. Hard work, too, but quite honestly I've enjoyed just about every minute of my stay.

I'm now back in Nottingham, and suddenly very, very tired. Today I'm alternating between sleeping and reading. Tomorrow is Sunday, when I sort out my schedule for the week and listen to Radio 4 nearly all day, so damnit, today is a Day Off to just snooze as much as I like. Next week, I may be looking into volunteering again.

My garden has sprouted every weed since I was away, though sadly too few actual desired flowers. I'll go out there and give things a trim when I have the energy. Gardening nearly always makes me feel better about things. If I need another way to feel better about things, I have this Squirrel of Comfort to look at.

I've ordered a fairly cheap breadmaker, since all I really want to make is sandwich loaves. Lidl sell bread flour for about 60p for 2 kilos, while a loaf is £1. The breadmaker pays for itself in about six months, I think. I've ordered green coffee beans to roast myself, though that doesn't save me money really. It's just that I had really fresh coffee at the Federation Café in Brixton Village and now I want to be able to have it again.

I think it's time for a nap.


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