Jan. 12th, 2013

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It's all going quite well, so far, knock on wood and all that. I've done my second full week of Monday, Wednesday, Friday at six hours each of steaming and sorting clothes and occasional gophering. Every time I finish a shift, I am less tired than at the end of the preceding shift. My evenings are still mostly given over to physio, meditation, reading, radio and sleep. Last night I suddenly got massively tired at around 8pm and went to bed.

On the home front, I am finding having the kitchen in the bedroom massively convenient, and having the bathroom downstairs massively inconvenient. I have also learned I use the kitchen much more than the bathroom, so if I could swap the two, I wouldn't. Unlimited heating is also rather pleasant just now, although it's surprising how little I am needing it. I had an odd moment just now when I realised I could see my breath, even though I didn't feel cold. This house does change temperature very suddenly, without obvious cause.

I'm learning a little more Latin every morning. This morning was finishing the story of the little black sheep that ran into the woods and got attacked by a wolf, until the shepherd's dog ran up and scared the wolf away. The next chapter is something about fierce beasts.

I like Sherwood. There are far more small business type shops than there are chains, and there's no shortage whatsoever of places to eat. I've spent a pleasant Saturday shopping and feeling very boring and normal. I chatted with Pol, about his various troubles at home. Then I spent a while watching television with my mum, and she gave me a bowl of the most delicious chicken soup, with chicken, parsnips, celery and sage amongst other things. We watched Museum Secrets. Then I came home, dragging my last suitcase full of clothing behind me.

It's a very quietly unexciting life and doesn't even have cats or gardens in it, but I'm happy. That vague, endless anxiety I used to have that I should be doing more, that's gone. I'm doing as much as is healthy for me to do, and don't have to prove myself. My plans for this evening mostly revolve around a good, long, uninterrupted session of Civ IV.


supermouse: Simple blue linedrawing of a stylised superhero mouse facing left (Default)

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