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I had a lovely family visit today. Once again, we all ended up going to a supermarket. I promise, I do not come from a family that regards it the height of entertainment to visit a supermarket. Except, apparently, I do. And I'm one of them.

We spent most of the time sitting eating and drinking tea, while Nibling watched Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. It is about Ben, an elf, and Holly, a fairy princess. I know, I know. However...
One of the plot points in this particular episode involved explaining what an 'astrophysicist' does and hunting for a book on astrophysics.

The 'text' on the storybooks, I was amused to see, wasn't garblescribble, but Lorem Ipsum.

My Nibling has an adorable habit, when bought a present, to make sure, on the giver's next visit, to show that she is using and enjoys said present. She doesn't actually say a word about it, just uses it or wears it close to the giver.

I've had my new patient check. I am healthy, half an inch shorter than I used to be and seven pounds less than at my last check. I've also learned that during a breast exam, as well as all the fondling, there's a hokey-cokey element to check no parts of the breast are stuck to the chest wall. I'm a little sad that Pol isn't around to double-check this for me. I am sure he'd be glad to help.


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