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Why does my Lady hold that letter in her hand so tight?
Why do her glad eyes open wide, her knuckles pale to white?
What dreadful words are written there, to freeze into her world?
Is vengeance called for lover slain, war flags to be unfurled?

I knew this knight a true love had, though he came not to this place
But the joy my Lady carried in her heart shone in her face
An extra ounce of Virtue for every thought of him she had
I put coins in a wedding fund, my heart was warm and glad

And then the story comes to me; her love has gone away
A thing that often happens, no great cause for dismay
But he has turned his back on her, his letter doth relate
He has spurned her great true love, and taken up with Fate

In foreign lands he Fortune seeks, to bolster his own soul
The letter he so kindly sent rents pieces from the whole
And yet my Lady does not fail; no tears are shed for him
She arms and sets out to the field, her face and manner grim

And then she comes back to herself; the great knight we admire
She uses sorrow as a fuel to feed her inner fire
The hunt is on for merriment; the hound is on the track
And soon she acts and stories of renown come flooding back

So try to break my Lady's heart, 'twill be to no avail
Her spirit is too strong for you; her virtue will prevail
One day she may again her heart trust to another's hands
But Wisdom guide her to a truer love, from Dawnish lands.


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