Jul. 22nd, 2013 10:29 am
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I went out to Nottingham Castle (actually a ducal palace) with my mum. We were outraged, absolutely outraged, by a spaghetti jar, cream, labelled 'SPAGHETTI' in print, with a nice picture of aubergines on it, which was on display next to the earthenware pots in Alice and John Tiler's 14th century hovel.

Then we got disconcerted by the 1970s kitsch print of a painting of a boy holding a puppy on a blue background, set in a white plastic frame. And the picture from a magazine, neatly framed, not numbered and hidden also in the oil painting display.

It turned out to be Alan Kane's art piece, 'Not Museum', where he hides 'wrong' things around the place to make people question what should be on display and why. Suddenly we felt a lot better about things. We had certainly engaged with his work. My mum had a pot of Earl Grey and I had a coconut milkshake while we recovered from this emotional ordeal.

We had a picnic and greatly enjoyed ourselves, even though the weather was frankly dismal. Cool, grey, drizzly. I found a very dry bench for us to sit on and it was fine. Then we did the Brewhouse Museum very briefly, got some milk at a shop and went home.

The Steam Sale is now over for me (it finishes at 6pm tonight). I have 10p left in my Steam budget, and a nice set of new games: To The Moon, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Critter Crunch, The Witcher 2, Universe Sandbox, Organ Trail, Tropico 4 DLC and Kenshi. I spent just under £30 in total, and have plenty of games now to keep me occupied before the December sale.

Oblivion and Morrowwind didn't get much reduced, so in the Winter sale, I'll put the budget aside for them right away, wait until the last day just in case and make sure that this time I actually get them. They've been in my wishlist since 2011.


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