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I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow, at all, other than my normal morning routine and evening routine (which includes studying a few things for half an hour each and job hunting.) This is very unusual for me this year.

The fact it is so unusual says an awful lot about how much better my health is these days. I go out almost every day, I do physical stuff almost every day (most often forty minutes or so of walking), and I study almost every day, generally for about two hours in total.

It may not last. M.E. is a relapse-and-remission disease, so I may not be this well long at all (last time was about three years), but while it does, it's *wonderful*. And people do spend a couple of decades ill and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, get better, so it is actually possible that I'll be well and stay well.

Oh yes. I applied to Brook Street and got rejected. The job climate just now is *terrible*, so it's not surprising, but it would have been nice since I really enjoyed working for them last time. It has got me through the process of getting everything in order ready to apply though, so from now on it's just a case of tailoring my existing CV (Pol gave me a very, very useful template for this), keeping my interview clothes ironed and getting on with it. I may allow myself a small, short whinge every 100 rejections or so though.
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