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I'm getting better again. From the depression and, surprisingly, from the M.E. relapse too. I *think* the stomach bug may have stopped me absorbing my drugs. I do know already that not taking my drugs for three days causes an entirely predictable M.E. crash. I hope I'm right, because if so I'll keep on improving back to where I was, pretty quickly.

I can't concentrate on anything at all though. I don't understand the rules for the Empire LARP, I can't keep my accounts going, I've stopped doing Latin and the other stuff. I can't even put a decent letter together. So, I've been playing Secret of the Magic Crystals which is a banal game in which you look after, train and breed magical ponies.

Meanwhile, I have been massively fortunate to have phone chats and texts and things from some of the loveliest people on this planet. You know who you are, and I am so very lucky to know you.
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I'm currently upstairs, post hot bath and wishing I had a coffee. The kettle is two floors below. The hot bath was lovely, but the plain white bath mats are so dirty they are brown, and, as I discovered to my horror, sticky. The cleaner does the bath, but she doesn't wash the bath mats and I've just discovered, neither do Pol nor Random. I'm having a shower as soon as I can move again - my own bathroom is nice and clean.

I had some pretty papers Random took me to get, and Pol's photos of his Tokyo trip. I've combined these to make a collage, which is now on the spare room wall. (Pol's just returned home and likes the effect very much.) The Pratchett books are now mostly down in that room as well, so we can all get to them without anyone having to come into my room to get them. The combined effect should make the spare room a pleasant place for visitors, and this is in good time for Carol and/or my mum to visit, so they can feel welcome and at home in there, even though it is seriously poky.

I tried to bleach the spare room curtain. It proved to be impervious. It's hanging on the line outside while I try to decide what to do with it.

I feel quite proud of this. The effort has utterly wiped me out for the day, and I have done literally nothing else (I should eat, and will when I can reliably stand long enough and I've washed my feet.). My work today has made a lasting difference to one of the rooms in the house and I feel very proud of that. If nothing else, it means the spare room is now a nice place to just go and sit and hang out.

I haven't even had a bad migraine yet today.


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