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I've been at home a week. I should only have been home a day, but I ended up not going onwards to London after all. I had a weird combination of ME/flueyness and extreme homesickness. The latter swung it - ccooke and Ruthi are amazingly able to accommodate an MEish and fragile house guest. Even so, I've really mostly been asleep so it's as well I am at home.

Moth's back from two weeks in a cattery. Yet again, she looks slightly healthier than when she went. I'm brushing her more, since I think that must be the key. She's lithely skipping about the place, all grace and fluffy, thick fur and purring. She's making it clear that she loves us very much, but that the accommodation isn't what she's now used to expecting. I should ask them what their secret is, really.

Pol's not happy with the hot weather. He's got a new aircon after the old one died and I am resigned to it taking first place in his affections until at least September.

Oh yes, that's what I meant to do yesterday and forgot - arrange shopping to be delivered today. Oops. If I am quick, that could still happen. And, if I water the strawberries, they might not die.
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