Aug. 20th, 2013

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Me, my sister and my niece all share birthdays in the same week, so I arranged today to have a really posh cake delivered, got up early to make posh sandwiches and set off to my mum's to meet my sister and niece and all have a nice birthday party together.

My sister cancelled at the last minute, saying something had come up and she'd ring and explain later. In replies to concerned texts, she says she fine but she hasn't said what the heck happened to make her suddenly cancel a birthday party ten minutes before it happened.

And then the cake was late. So me and my mum ate the sandwiches and went shopping. I got myself a nice cardigan, still with all the labels on, for less than £3. I've also got a couple of old books, and some cartridges for the nice pen my mum and my other sister bought me as a present (It has a hand-turned wood barrel). My sock wore through on the way back and rubbed my foot sore, so my mum gave me some socks she's not fond of, but which I think are lovely.

When I got back, the hot water broke, so the tap is permanently stuck on. The stopcock is stuck solid. The landlord is on his way to fix it as soon as he can, though most likely I'll have no hot water tonight but it'll be at least not stuck on, and then tomorrow (going by previous experiences of stuff being broken), he'll send his electrician. Everything will be fine. Even so, once my mum stopped laughing, she told me I'd probably better spend the rest of the day sitting quietly and not trying to do anything.

The sandwiches were nice. I'm just saying. And I do at least have the cake.


supermouse: Simple blue linedrawing of a stylised superhero mouse facing left (Default)

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